3 Questions to Ask When Purging Sentimental Items

3 Questions to Ask When Purging Sentimental Items

When Marie Kondo admitted her house was messy at times with her third child, I honestly breathed a sigh of relief, haha! The perfect state of minimalism with kids isn't realistic, but I will say that I find so much joy when our house is less cluttered and I still love some of Marie Kondo's principles. Now the kids are growing and I'm having to let go of more and more sentimental items. 

Here are three top questions I ask myself when trying to part with an item:

  1. Does this item bring me joy? If there is hesitation in that answer, I find that I am not able to let go because there is a deeper (usually negative) reason I can't part with the item. Sometimes it's fear: What if I need this later? Sometimes it's guilt: But they thought of me when they bought this! But if you really listen to that inner gut feeling, it will tell you immediately if the item still brings joy.
  2. Will this item add to the life I want to live? Having a clear vision of the way you want to spend your days and time helps answer this question. Does this extra house plant add joy or take up more time in the day? Does this book take up space or do I find value in it from time to time?
  3. Would a photo of this item suffice? I don't know about your kids, but my kids want to create a piece of art everyday! Perhaps it's the artist in me, but it's so hard to let go of their little creations. Instead, I've found that sometimes a simple photo will help me remember the item without it actually staying in the home.

What are some questions that help you free your space to do more of what you love?


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