4 Minimal Baby Goods Every Mom Would Love

4 Minimal Baby Goods Every Mom Would Love

We are out of the newborn stage, but when I meet a new mom I want them to know that it gets easier! There's something about the lack of sleep and repetition of those early days that is really challenging and can even be lonely. I put these items together because they really did help with our sanity during the throws of baby life. Some of them we still use years later!

  • Boba Baby Wrap - We used this so much during our newborn days. Our kids never put up a fuss when using this wrap because it's so warm and cozy inside. I love the new updated colors and it was so easy to wash! 
  • Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap - The name of this product was so accurate for us! We had squirmers who managed to get out of every swaddle, but this one really kept them tight and gave them a great nights rest.
  • Gathre Mat - This is one item I actually wished I had purchased sooner. It's so easy to clean and we use it for EVERYTHING. It's an item that you will use well past the newborn days. Our kids are 6 and 9 now and they use it everyday for clay, painting - all the messy things! 
  • Mushie Dining Ware - In particular, I love their snack cups, spoon and fork and bibs! I'm all about items that are easy to clean. The suction plates prevented a lot of spills.


These items stayed in great shape after lots of use. When we outgrew them, we passed them to our friends who were so happy to have them! 

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