Scripture Card Sets with a Story Behind Them

Scripture Card Sets with a Story Behind Them

Last year my best friend was diagnosed with cancer. She mentioned wanting to place scripture all around her home and I wanted to help out any way I could. I spent hours creating a set of 100 healing scriptures. Over time I decided I would like to have some in my home to pray over my own children. Scripture around the home in easy places to see was actually more helpful than I realized. I shared it online and realized many other moms felt similarly. I would print and cut these by hand myself. And boy, did I have a lot of misprints! We used those around the house. It was a huge blessing!

These classic scripture cards constantly remind us that God is with us no matter what. Some topics covered in these sets are God's promises, putting on God's armor, encouragement, faith, seeking God, wisdom, worship/thanksgiving, worry, and overcoming fear.

    What can you expect from our unique scripture card set?

    • A Set of 31 Bible Verse Cards: We have a set of 31 cards and a wooden holder in our Scripture card set. Featuring encouraging and motivating Scripture quotes, these cards are wonderful to place in your home where you can see it every day.

    • Quality: These Bible cards are crafted from premium recycled card stock that has tiny speckles and textures. They are 5.5”x4.25”. The wooden card holder will hold a scripture a day so you can keep it propped up on your desk, in your kitchen, or your bedroom.

    • All ages: They work well for various ages and are perfect as a birthday gift, "thinking of you" gift or a Christmas gift. These are great to help children memorize scripture verses daily because you can set them out where it is easily seen and accessible.

     Oh, and my friend? She's still fighting and we are still praying with hope! 

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