5 Fun Ideas for the Blank Pages in Your Book

5 Fun Ideas for the Blank Pages in Your Book

In our book, there is one blank spread for each year of the child's life. This is probably one of my favorite spreads because the options are endless. I would love to share ideas with you about what you could do for these pages in your own book if you're feeling stumped!

  1. Have your child's teacher, nanny, grandparents write a message in it. It would be so special for your child to look back and read notes written to them from people who they might not be in touch with when they are older.
  2. Add in extra art/paintings or photos. If your child loves drawing or if you need extra space for a couple more photos, this is your space to do so.
  3. Have your child write their name on one of the pages. It will be so fun to keep track of their handwriting through the years. 
  4. If you love writing like me, use it for extra entries for special moments. You could even write about some of the challenges of parenting.
  5. Use it to write in more funny/memorable quotes because let's face it, kids say the most amazing things.

Personally, I'm using our journals for numbers 1, 3 and 5! With Emma being three years old, I feel like I write down a quote daily and need extra room to squeeze all her funny comments in!

And my favorite part - what are you all using the blank pages for? I'm so excited to see where you take it. 




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