The Details Matter

The Details Matter

Before starting Tokki Goods, my background was in graphic design. I always enjoyed walking into a beautiful store, picking up small items, observing their details. The smallest foil stamp or the most delicate typography sent a sense of thrill through me. I appreciated that every aspect was carefully thought out.

When creating The Minimalist Baby Book, it was so important to me that we only offered what we truly believed was the best, with nothing lacking. I wanted these baby books to be of the highest quality because it would be gifted to a parent and hold the most precious of memories.

We printed on 100% recycled paper. We used 100% cotton material for the cover. We used the highest quality printing method and had the binding sewn in. We worked hard to find vendors in the US. We absolutely love our vendors. They are experts in their craft and passionate about excellence and integrity. 

Currently, we are in the process of creating beautiful gift boxes for each of these books. The boxes will be printed in the US as well and are recyclable. We hope these boxes will be used to store your favorite art or photos as you put your journal together through the years. Or, if you are gifting these, we wanted to make it as easy as simply writing your own card and presenting this book as a gift that is ready to be given.

We are so excited to serve you and know that each purchase means so much to us. It is fun to think about how each journal will carry its own special story to be handed down for generations.


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